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So there you have it. A few tips that can help you boost your confidence. If you were try some of these techniques at your next social gathering (or even meeting someone on the street), watch their reaction. However, you must really plan this out first! Although confidence is one of the biggest aphrodisiac, if you appear arrogant, you will lose people faster than you can possibly imagine. Unless your looks can make up for it (ie you're Brad Pitt, maybe?), you'll probably be worse off than you were before. But, if you can master these techniques, people will suddenly find you much more attractive and charismatic, then suddenly your datebook will be filled! Good luck, and remember...BE CONFIDENT!!

A Guy's Guide to Speed Dating


"Then Lie conducted the mother of all stock option studies, looking at 5,977 option grants between 1992 and 2002. In his paper, published a year ago, he found the same suspicious results as earlier researchers, only more pronounced. Further slicing and dicing the data, he discovered that unless executives possessed truly extraordinary abilities to forecast precise overall market movements, they had to be backdating the grants."

"The suspicion is that some companies used that window to backdate but, crucially, did not properly disclose and expense such action."

"The bigger the difference between the strike price and what the stock sells for on the open market, the more an option is worth. If you have options to buy 100 IBM shares at $50 and IBM trades at $80, then the options are intrinsically worth $30 each, or $3,000. But if the strike price is lower - say $25, then the options are worth $55 each, or $5,500."

partner in life.

Great relationships are created through your consciousness (as is

Your dream girl won;t just magically turn up at your doorstep. You need to be in her path. Online dating can be a good option as it allows you to "screen" girls to a great extent and finding someone who matches your description is something you can definitely do online.

Alternative Dating Services - Explore Your Kinky Side

2. The potential sex partner category.

Now the requirements for a woman to be placed in the potential girlfriend category vary, depending on a man's particular wants and needs. Before a man places a woman in this category, he looks at her credentials. And the credentials could include a hundred things. A man might take a woman's educational background into consideration. He might consider her culinary skills. He might take her sense of humor, her diet regimen, her sex appeal, or a host of other things into consideration before he puts a woman into the potential girlfriend category. But it doesn't take much for a man to put a woman into the potential sex partner category. The requirements are minimal. As a matter of fact, a woman just needs to have two things in order to get placed into the potential sex partner category:

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Join a male-dominated group. Men of course love sport but if football is not your thing, then you can try out golf, basketball, badminton or other sports that interest you. Well, if sports in definitely not on your "love-to-do" list, then remember the phrase "if you cannot beat 'em, join them". Sports it where you can find men. The good thing here? Men are attracted to women who share their interest in sports or at least, try to love what they love. So whether you know how to putt a golf ball or not, men are more than willing to forget their handicap and help you make your first shot.

Take these tips and you will increase your success in meeting the right man.

Signs of Flirting - You Can't Miss This One Obvious, Secret That Will Explode Your Dating

Understanding the virtue of patience is important as often time people stop trying and give up before they can find their ideal match. Having a little more faith in the process can help you achieve your desired outcome.

Raise Your Online Dating Attraction Potential

Ask for what you need from a potential partner so there is no misunderstanding from either of you. Be frank about how much your religion plays a part in your life. If you have a strong Christian faith, you don't want to meet someone who doesn't even go to church. You have to be on the same page together.

There must be a reason why you chose a Christian online dating service over a regular one. Is it because you feel a lot safer meeting potential partners on these sites? Even so, you still have to be careful, because there are people out there waiting to scam you no matter what faith or religion you belong to. Just because someone professes a Christian belief, does not mean they are in fact Christian in their motives or actions.

Like every other online dating site, you have to get to know the person before you agree to meet each other. Ask them what church they attend, or if they go to bible studies, or belong to a Christian youth group. Because you are a Christian you need to know the answers to these and other questions before you proceed any further.

Discuss with them about their family and what sort of relationship they have with them. You can learn a lot about a person just by finding out how they interact with their own parents and siblings. If they have high Christian values, it goes without saying that their family values must also be high.

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You are intelligent enough to know that great online dating personals are critical to your success in attracting the right people. Online dating personals are your chance to make an extraordinary first impression, and you get only one chance. The way you write your online dating personals will make a huge difference in the number of responses you get - and the quality of each.

Basically You

To write an ad for Internet dating that attracts the most suitable singles, you will want to decide what you can honestly say about you.

- physical appearance

- clothing style

- interests

- career (without company name)

Basically Them

Your online dating personals should include information about the type of person you are seeking.

- body build

- temperament or personality

- lifestyle choices

- considerations: children, pets, etc.

Accentuate the Positive

Emphasize everything about you that is positive. If you are well-mannered, romantic, intellectual, energetic, etc., include it in online dating personals.

Eliminate the Negative

Refrain from writing negative comments. They will be a turn-off. If you are recovering from a bad relationship, don't put it in online dating personals.

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Trust, related to honesty, eventually deepens with time. Partners need not contend with insecurities if they trust each other. They can communicate openly and stay who they are because they know their lover will love them for it.

2. Truthfulness

There are many entrepreneurs that start dating sites hoping to get rich quick. When it does not happen, they drop out of business leaving their customers with nothing.

Look also for anti-scam associations, signs of Trust-E seal or Better Business Bureau. Check the authenticity of the seal: does it really belong to this company? Check if the agency is listed with the anti-scam site or in anti-scam associations. Many scam agencies post anti-scam icons on their sites to mislead their possible victims.

If you often meet references to a particular dating site, this will be the sign that the site is trustworthy. If you were directed to the site through an ad you placed or responded to in online personals, this will be the indication that the site is doubtful: respectable dating sites avoid such practice.

Dating 201

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